Outsourcing of office printing in the office

A dynamic development of a company is largely dependent on a skillful panning and accounting for internal costs. Under increasing competition, optimization of spending becomes the most important issue in a number of companies.
An effective method for reducing costs is offered by the Mark Company offering outsourcing of office printing equipment.

"Thus service new to the Russian market saves up to 30% of budget allotted for printing operations, says Vadim Oronov, Director General of the Mark Company, having a seven-year experience of operation in the outsourcing market. In contrast to Russian companies, which purchase office printing equipment, a number of western companies practice outsourcing of printing operations".

The above service saves the company the costs of the equipment acquisition and reduces the operational costs of the expendables, paper and сservice. The Mark Company assumes all the risks of the exploitation of the printing equipment, including replacement if the prompt repair is impossible.

Vadim Oronov says, "The company is enabled to do its business proper without office support expenses. We are responsible for a high print quality and failure-free operation of the equipment". In this case it is not required to pay extra for each visit of a technical adviser or the cost of each paper pack. All the services have been included in the price of the quire.

According to the analytical Gartner Company, print costs account for 1-3% of the enterprise budget. Оffice printing costs are among those corporate costs that are difficult to monitor, and can be reduced by the majority of enterprises. The strategic importance of printing systems to IT is also suggested by other figures: 55% of the network traffic and 40-60% calls to the Technical Support Service of the enterprise are exactly associated with the operation of the printers and copiers. In the meantime a number of enterprises optimize their IT infrastructure and methods for managing it, neglecting the printing problem. They are not aware how many output media they have and do not use remote management to remove failures, and in most cases do not take into account on a regular basis the cost of the printouts made and the amount of indirect IT costs associated with printing (installation, operation of the support service).

We offer outsourcing of оffice printing equipment on lease terms with monthly payment on the basis of the number of the printed pages or a pre-set amount is paid for unit of equipment. Our company will assume full responsibility for providing office printing equipment, paper, expendable and service. When the customer equipment is no longer usable, we replace the overage equipment with ours. In promoting its outsourcing services, the Mark Company focuses on big and medium-sized business because on account of large printing volumes it is for those companies that cost reduction by the above-mentioned method is feasible. n fact, the proportion of electronic documents in business communication increasing, the amount of hard-copy information has also been growing. Otherwise, the problem concerned would have been solved on its own with time. This accounts for the concern of a number of companies with printing costs. In fact, if the costs are not managed, they would continue increasing uncontrollably.

The offered service saves companies dozens and, occasionally, hundreds of thousands of dollars per year depending on the volumes of printing to be estimated by a consulting study. Vadim Oronov is confident that in the near future, numerous companies will optimize their business by outsourcing of office printing in the office.

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