Outsourcing matrix

The outsourcing subject that address in this paper does not require the knowledge of various management schools, some complicated methodological approaches in the organization of management, and at the same time it is important and problematic today. The problem is that in Russia, similar to Ukraine, entrepreneurs do not want to share their business. Our businesspeople are afraid of cooperation and they strive to do everything on their own, earning a maximum amount of money. All that is good and normal until the company is in a developing market which is not filled and divided, until nobody can assess its performance or compare to the performance of a competitor. Until the competition is not intense this «same meadow» or a peculiar collective farm approach is very fruitful. By analogy with war affairs, while hostilities are on, some stringent centralized management is required where commander-in-chief is in control of everything. However, when competition appears, or, in military terms, the need to develop the seized terrain, this stringent centralized management system is no longer effective, as at each particular site, some particular problems are to be solved and some special approaches are needed. At this stage, local flexibility is called for rather than harsh discipline and precise command execution are called for.